Dimitri Fagbohoun, ‘Adé might Cross’, 2017, The Watermill Center: Benefit Auction 2017

Dimitri Fagbohoun was Born in July 1972 in Cotonou, Benin, to a Beninese father and a Ukrainian mother. Growing up in Cameroon before moving to France, where he now lives and works, Dimitri Fagbohoun’s work is imbued with issues which reflect on his background and history, straddling geographical and artistic boundaries. His work is inseparable from his own experience and his plural identity. Heterogeneous in his use of mediums (video, photography or installation), Fagbohoun’s works display a disruptive tendency to question the admitted models and guidelines used to define identities and history. Since 2014, Fagbohoun inaugurated his ongoing series titled Recollection, in which he questions the African artworks currently included in internationally acclaimed museums and how they have influenced Western art practices and understanding in a postcolonial approach. In 2017, He is granted by the Smithsonian Fellowship Award for his project Recollection and currently showing in the Venice Biennale with Pelagie Gbaguidi, Georges Adéagbo …in the Iyeye Project in Giardini. —Courtesy of The Watermill Center

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