Dinh Q. Lê, ‘Empire #1’, 2012, Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Empire #1, 2012 comes from Lê’s Remnants, Ruins, Civilization, and Empire series. Known for his techniue of weaving photographic images together, Lê continues in this tradition for this series as he investigates two highly intelligent cultures of the past: one of ancient Sumer, the other 12th century Cambodia. In his travels to Angkor Wat, Lê photographed the relics of once majestic temples. In this work, he focuses on the rubble that now exists, stacking several images together one on top of the another like rocks. Interwoven with the temple imagery are images of Cambodian citizens who were killed by the Khmer Rouge.

Image rights: Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Acquired from the artist

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