Dinos Chapman, ‘Wing Nut and Bolt Choker’, 2010, Louisa Guinness Gallery
Dinos Chapman, ‘Wing Nut and Bolt Choker’, 2010, Louisa Guinness Gallery

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Dinos Chapman has collaborated with Louisa Guinness to make a wing bolt choker. Instead of using traditional beauty and ornamentation usually seen in the aesthetics of jewellery, both the necklace and the bracelet emulate utilitarian properties, playing with shapes and objects found in useful everyday DIY equipment. Packaged in a blister pack and hung on a shop rail, acquiring Dinos’ jewellery simulates an experience similar to one at a hardware shop. This project by Dinos Chapman is charged with the signature subversive wit prevalent through all the work of the Chapman brothers.

Signature: Incised with the artist's signature and numbered Sold with original Louisa Guinness Gallery x Dinos Chapman packaging

Image rights: Courtesy of Louisa Guinness Gallery

Manufacturer: In collaboration with Louisa Guinness


About Dinos Chapman

Working together with his younger brother, Jake, Young British Artist Dinos Chapman has been producing installations, sculptures, paintings, and works on paper since the early 1990s that appall, anger, seduce, and thrill—often simultaneously. An iconoclast to his core, Chapman claims that he and his brother “only make things that amuse us . . . So I make things for Jake and he makes things for me.” Such tongue-in-cheek humor underpins all of his work, through which he confronts the horrors and excesses of history, culture, politics, and religion with an unforgiving aesthetic. He does not shy away from representations of sex, violence, and mutilation. In Fucking Hell (2008), for example, he and his brother created an immense tabletop tableau representing the 20th century as a grotesque, apocalyptic warscape.

British, b. 1962, London, United Kingdom