Dirk Staschke, ‘Vanitas Vase No. 4’, 2017, Winston Wächter Fine Art
Dirk Staschke, ‘Vanitas Vase No. 4’, 2017, Winston Wächter Fine Art

Dirk Staschke continues his exploration of Dutch Vanitas paintings and their powerful symbolism of impermanence and inevitable decay. Staschke focuses on the fleeting illusion of space created by painting and the static moments they aim to represent.

In this recent sculpture, Staschke has created imagery deteriorating before you. The composition appears as if it is sliding off the surface, leaving just the impression of what was once painstakingly painted to capture a moment in time. Staschke again plays with what we think we know, by using carefully layered glazes intended to create artificial instability. What seems to be a failing of the medium is in fact an extremely involved process, highly difficult to execute. Every element of the artwork has been sculpted and painted, asking us to question the validity of those mediums and how they have been valued throughout time.

His work has been included in the collections at The Birmingham Museum of Art, The Smithsonian, The International Museum of Ceramic Art, The Portland Art museum, The American Museum of Ceramic Art, among others.

About Dirk Staschke

American, b. 1971, Huntsville, AL, United States, based in Portland, OR, United States

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