dNASAb, ‘Extreme feats of the New Aesthetic’, 2012, IFAC Arts

About dNASAb

The artist known as dNASAb creates sculpture, photography, and video works that explore the scale, potential, and banality of technology. The artist’s photos resemble detailed, microscopic images of organisms, but they actually picture assembled sculptures made of colored plastic, mirrors, LED lights, and fiber optics. His sculptures examine cybernetic genetic materials, fusing the natural with the technological. “This is a paradoxical time period when genetic-organic materials grow together, fuse into complex new systems, with computers and technology,” the artist has said. “I am inspired by the ideas of this inevitable conglomeration.” In particular, dNASAb is interested in the role screens play in the so-called “singularity”. For the artist, screens function as a second skin, transmitting information, values, and serving as an interface humans and the world.

American, based in Brooklyn, New York