Do Ho Suh, ‘Rubbing / Loving  STPI Artist Studio 29 41 Robertson Quay Singapore 238236’, 2016, STPI

Do Ho Suh’s works reflect the transnational dilemma of home and belonging, malleable space and memory, and the boundaries of identity. Suh broke new ground in 2009 creating thread drawings embedded in paper, leading to a long-term collaboration with STPI in developing thread drawings of greater complexity and scale.

Rubbing / Loving is an ongoing project by Suh where everyday objects are covered in paper and rubbed with pastels. These rubbing works act as symbols of memory, as within them the artists preserves his experience of living within spaces of attachment.

About Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suh is renowned for his site-specific installations that manipulate scale to emphasize the malleability of space and examine the issues of cultural identity and anonymity. Suh’s training in traditional Oriental painting and his mandatory service in the South Korean military have significantly influenced his work. In his 2003 work Some/One, for example, thousands of military dog tags are amassed in an interlocking pattern to form the larger silhouette of a traditional Korean robe, illustrating the way individuals are used as building blocks to shape a collective whole.

Korean, b. 1962, Seoul, South Korea