Dominic Harris, ‘Dodo | Ruffled’, 2017, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design


#The Extinct Bird

Not much is known about the Dodo as the last confirmed siting was in 1662 and by this time the Dodo had already become extremely rare. The appearance of the bird is only evidenced by 17th century paintings and written documents although these vary considerably.

Series: The Ruffled artworks continue Dominic Harris’s fascination with personifying animals within an abstracted display. In the Ruffled artwork he turns his attention to the world of ornithology and creates living portrait studies of the birds he is most intrigued with. Through a curated selection of twenty birds, each is brought to life through a startlingly life-like virtual representation on screen. At first the birds appear to be merely posing for a still life, but when the viewer approaches the birds become alive, beckoning further interaction with the viewer as it displays its personal attributes. Each bird is initially presented as though it is ‘almost’ a still-life portrait. If observed closely one will see that the bird is actually moving gently, but in a passive state. One might see the breathing or an occasional twitching, but really the bird is trying to stand still as if for a photographic portrait. As the viewer approaches the artwork the bird begins to respond. Each species of bird has its own unique characteristic and charm. While some birds immediately exhibit behaviours that are endearing and entertaining, there are other birds who at first appear more solemn and independent and will take their time to warm up to the viewer before performing their unique jumps, hops, and head bops. Some birds are clearly of a more nervous and twitchy disposition while others are self-confident performers. The twenty species of bird have been selected by the artist for their own unique combinations of beauty, scarcity, and specific characters and personalities. He anticipates that they be collected either individually or as part of a larger set, and the birds are exhibited on one of three size of artworks in reflection of their true scale.

Signature: Signed certificate by artist

About Dominic Harris

Since establishing Cinimod Studio, a multi-disciplinary, London-based practice in 2007, artist and designer Dominic Harris has gained international attention for his digitally-driven works of interactive art. Harris has devoted recent years to seamlessly blending natural phenomena with complex code through integrated electronics and innovative fabrication techniques. Inspired by the architectural interventions of James Turrell and Dan Flavin, Dominic offers viewers a sublime experience of their surrounding environment in his surreal installations that wryly illuminate the effect of digital culture on human perception in the information age. One of the artist’s most ambitious pieces invited participants to wildly gesture or attempt to change their own heart rate, which would in turn light up the London Eye.

British, b. 1976, based in London, United Kingdom