Dominic Harris, ‘Peony | Bloomed (large)’, 2016, Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Among the most popular in gardens, the bloom of the peony is lush and romantic. Often double flowered, their ornamental qualities hold a lot of tradition. From the imperial gardens of China to the temples of Japan and later grown in European botanical gardens for their medicinal value, they are known to thrive for 100 years.


Somewhat stylised and romanticised by the artist’s vision, the peony is presented as larger than life. From the initial bud state, the growth commences with the viewer’s presence. It will at times grow to full bloom and at other times to a halfway state. In response to the ambient environment about the piece, butterflies will circle and sometimes land. Other animated depictions include the gentle falling of petals and some slightly surreal flower movements.

Series: Bloomed

Signature: Signed certificate by artist

Image rights: Priveekollektie & Dominic Harris

Solo exhibition "celebrating 7 year anniversary of Dominic Harris' works by Priveekollektie" October-November 2016; PAD London; The Salon Art + Design New York 2016; Art Miami 2016

About Dominic Harris

Since establishing Cinimod Studio, a multi-disciplinary, London-based practice in 2007, artist and designer Dominic Harris has gained international attention for his digitally-driven works of interactive art. Harris has devoted recent years to seamlessly blending natural phenomena with complex code through integrated electronics and innovative fabrication techniques. Inspired by the architectural interventions of James Turrell and Dan Flavin, Dominic offers viewers a sublime experience of their surrounding environment in his surreal installations that wryly illuminate the effect of digital culture on human perception in the information age. One of the artist’s most ambitious pieces invited participants to wildly gesture or attempt to change their own heart rate, which would in turn light up the London Eye.

British, b. 1976, based in London, United Kingdom