Don Reitz, ‘Tanks, Corporate People’, 1986, VSOP Projects

About Don Reitz

A folk legend of the ilk of Paul Bunyan and Tom Sawyer, Don Reitz is highly regarded for his ceramic work. Life changed for the potter, artist, and teacher when he discovered and revived a neglected technique of salt firing that yields unpredictable surface textures and unexpected colors. He considers salt, which renders the clay malleable and more receptive to his gestures, the catalyst he needed to break the rules of art that had previously constrained him. Affectionately dubbed “Mr. Salt”, he became known early on for making Baroque pots with ornamental embellishments. Following a devastating car accident later in his career, he developed an entirely new aesthetic of deconstructed, structural sculptures like Florida Kachina (2009), as well as flat panels, sometimes arranged as triptychs, filled with chalky pastel inscriptions of autobiographical, child-like drawings.

American, b. 1929, Sunbury, Pennsylvania