Donald Harn, ‘Beach’, 2010, East Gallery

A graduate of the prestigious National Taiwan University department of anthropology, Donald Harn, has contributed to defining Taiwan’s art scene with his sculpture for more than 20 years. Since his first solo exhibition at East Gallery in 1991, his career has consistently impressed collectors and the art market with critically successful work, his work being regularly exhibited and collected by leading art museums of Taiwan. Whether his work is figurative or expressive, animal or an ordinary object, his work and manifest skill vividly expresses form with wood. Audiences effortlessly walk into work impressed by that power. Harn’s latest solo exhibition ‘Gather and Dismiss’ revealed a new idea for wood sculpture at Art Taipei 2013. Unlike traditional wood carving, from which one piece of wood is carved down into shape, now, Harn is gathering/combining small, pixel like, pieces of wood into a foundation that he then shapes into content. Harn’s exploration of the interplay of formal and conceptual concerns with a playful nod to an early graphic exploration of the faceted view of modern life. The formal investigation of the manner of construction becomes a reflection on the assembled and sampled experience of contemporary youth culture. At the same time, it leaves open an understanding of a perceptual experience of sun and surf scattering the image of the figures, leaving to us an appreciation of Harn’s ability to play alchemist with his material while leaving room for us to see our own perceptual experience.

Series: Gather and Dismiss

Signature: Donald Harn signed on the lower left

Image rights: Donald Harn

Art Taipei 2013

Donald Harn

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