Donna Huanca, ‘To be titled’, 2016, Peres Projects

About Donna Huanca

“I want the experience of my work to create a surreal moment similar to a hallucination,” says Donna Huanca about her immersive sculptures, installations, and performances. At the center of her work is clothing, which she scrounges from second-hand and local shops on her worldwide travels. For her, clothes serve as powerful stand-ins for the human body, as she has described: “Garments evoke bodies and carry their form and spirit.” Since 2012, she has also incorporated live models into her pieces, who she invites to improvise and interact with her surrounding sculptures and installations. These include abstract assemblages comprised of various arrangements of dyed and altered clothing; canvases marked with makeup; and objects recalling glass boxes and mirrors. References to origins, memory, time, and identity run throughout Huanca’s work, which evokes the complexity of influences that shape who we are.

American, b. 1980, Chicago, Illinois, based in Berlin, Germany