Donna Sharrett, ‘Anywhere’, 2008, Pavel Zoubok Fine Art

About Donna Sharrett

Donna Sharrett's eclectic and intricately technical practice bridges the conventional divide between crafts and fine art. The artist reinvents traditional needlepoint and embroidery, literally stitching together centuries-old techniques with contemporary materials—found clothing, rhinestones, guitar strings, buttons, and the like. Sharrett’s acclaimed series “Mementos” (1998-2001) grew out of her study of 19th-century memento mori (reminders of the deceased) and rituals such as the Mexican Day of the Dead, which she undertook to preserve her mother’s memory; the doily-like creations in the series are made from dried rose petals and antique damask linens hand-stitched together with hair and instrument strings. Sharrett, who originally trained as a painter, says that her pieces are meant to “make people remember something, even if they don't know exactly what it is.”

American, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Cornwall, New York