Dorian FitzGerald, ‘Vermejo Park Ranch’, 2016, Clint Roenisch Gallery

"Known for the production of monumentally large paintings—one measures 18 feet high by 12 feet wide—FitzGerald has built a place for himself in the front ranks of contemporary Canadian painting. Matching the size of his painting is a taste for thematic material that relates to the culture of materialist excess that marks consumer society. His subjects have included the dining room of designer Stefano Gabbana’s yacht; a throne room of a palace in Lisbon; table decorations for a party thrown by Oprah Winfrey; a Fabergé egg; a Cartier bracelet; and Elton John’s sunglasses collection. The vivid presence of FitzGerald’s acrylic works is the result of a complex process of pouring paint into caulked line segments that aggregate into finished images derived from source photographs. Combining fractal-like forms with imagery celebrating opulence and luxury, FitzGerald’s paintings manifest a critically conceived parallel wealth that transcends the economic and experiential barriers that separate the super-rich from wider society. His work is in the collection of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, among other institutions." - Canadian Art Magazine

Signature: signed, titled and dated in ink on the reverse

new for Dallas

Bennett, Melissa (editor), "Are You Experienced?", Art Gallery of Hamilton (2015)

DF Studio, Toronto

About Dorian FitzGerald

Dorian FitzGerald uses a labor-intensive method, refined over years of experimentation, to create monumental paintings of excessive opulence. Taking digitally enhanced photographs found online as his starting point, FitzGerald produces an acetate transfer to serve as his guide. He then delineates different color segments using caulking on canvas, and fills in each section with acrylic tones in a paint-by-numbers style. The artist depicts a range of subjects, including Oktoberfest beer halls in Munich, Elton John’s sunglass collection, and throne rooms. FitzGerald has said that he sees himself “as a contemporary court painter, documenting on a grand scale the material and spatial excesses of our time.” Recently, FitzGerald started to explore more politicized notions of beauty, criticizing decadent over-consumption through his subject matter.

Canadian, b. 1975

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Clint Roenisch Gallery at Dallas Art Fair 2016