Dorian Vallejo, ‘Light’, Abend Gallery

About Dorian Vallejo

Painting dream worlds replete with floating figures, eerie forests, and surreal details, Dorian Vallejo explores dual existences and the subconscious in his artwork. Driven by a fascination with philosophical and aesthetic ideas and his own psychological inquiries, Vallejo creates large-scale canvases that portray moments of confrontation between dreams and reality and instances when fears manifest as visions. His cerebral dreamscapes, executed in an expressive style that is both relatable and fantastic, serve as settings for the exploration of human emotion and consciousness. Vallejo’s art is greatly influenced by the work of his father, renowned sci-fi artist Boris Vallejo, as well as his own distaste for the use of computers in art making. As such, Vallejo heavily relies on drawing in his creative process and chooses to paint from real life rather than photographs.

American, b. 1968, based in Easton, PA, United States