Dorothy Iannone, ‘I Love To Beat You’, 1969, Peres Projects

About Dorothy Iannone

In her trademark psychedelic style, Dorothy Iannone depicts the transcendent spirituality of the female sexual experience. Her visual language is derived from Egyptian frescoes, Byzantine mosaics, and ancient fertility statues, and her subject of choice has been her declared muse, long-time lover and fellow artist Dieter Roth, and their sexual relationship. An Icelandic Saga (1978-86), a comic book-like series of drawings with handwritten text that recalls in great sexual detail Iannone’s early relationship with Roth, was featured in her 2010 solo at the New Museum. Iannone works on canvas, paper, wood, and, in later work, video and installation.

American, b. 1933, Boston, Massachusetts, based in Berlin, Germany