Double Fly Art Center, ‘Imogine Lateotentare’, Space Station

About Double Fly Art Center

Double Fly Art Center—a collective of nine contemporary male artists, founded in 2008—challenges the state of the art world and everyday life alike in their humorous, anarchic public actions, performances, videos, and participatory events. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as “China’s most famous young artists group.” Their work is infused with sex and gender play, approached with an intentionally adolescent attitude. They have pretended to have orgasms during a foot massage and commandeered a hotel room for an evening of rebellion, which included prancing around suggestively in their underwear. For one of their public actions, they splashed paint on blank canvases on the street, in homage to Jackson Pollock. “We’ve never done anything so professional, so we can abuse everything,” the group member Zhang Lehua once said. “If we go into the entertainment world, we’ll abuse that too.”

Chinese, Est. 2008, based in Shanghai, China