Doug Brega, ‘House in Thomaston’, 2008, Quidley & Company

About Doug Brega

A native of New England, Doug Brega paints the distinctive architecture and coastline of the northeastern United States in his realistic watercolor paintings. Brega’s work is particularly focused on the rocky and green coastlines that characterize the Atlantic coast of this region and the colonial and colonial revival homes constructed along it. He paints both realistically and with a reverence for these icons of American life, grounding his compositions in the clear light of day. “What I strive for is a precise and honest interpretation, not a mirror of reality or a personal comment about a subject...,” he has said. “The beauty is found in the clean forms and solid function of each architectural element.” Brega also paints figures, lending the same realism and objectivity to people that he applies to his architectural and landscape works.

American, b. 1948

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