Doug Foster, ‘BOB’, 2007, Lazinc

Stereo sound, 1’17” continuous loop Computer and high-definition LCD screens housed in a rusted steel-plated box. Edition of 5

About Doug Foster

Film and video artist Doug Foster is fascinated by optical illusion. For one of his earliest projects, he built a walk-in film installation that immersed viewers in a panorama of image projections. After a long and successful 20-year career as an award-winning commercial director, Foster turned his estimable knowledge of filmmaking and special effects back to artistic practice, crafting a series of large-scale hi-def stereoscopic video installations that featured eerie cyclical narratives and kaleidoscope-like animated patterns that border edon the psychedelic. Convolver, for example, turned a 27-paned window into a swirling projection of aquamarine liquids and their various movements and textures.

American, b. 1959

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