Doug Freed, ‘MORNING RISE -GREY’, Exhibit by Aberson

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About Doug Freed

For over 20 years, Doug Freed painted geometric, non-objective grid abstractions, and slowly started to see in their compositions the landscapes for which he is now known. Freed specifies that his works are now all comprised of at least two vertical panels, depicting related scenes. Typically, one panel features imagery, while the second contains what the artist calls “atmospheric voids with vestiges of recognizable landscapes.” The works’ subjects, however, are readily discernable: clouds, trees, waterfalls, and other bodies of water. Freed is careful that his paintings have smooth surfaces free from brush marks, to ensure minimal interference with a viewer’s illusion of depth and immersion. Freed’s influences include Tonalism, Color Field Painting, Minimalism, and Romanticism.

American, b. 1944