Doug Johnston, ‘Font Light’, 2015, Patrick Parrish Gallery

About Doug Johnston

An artist, designer, architect, and musician with a decidedly cross-disciplinary practice, Doug Johnston is driven by his interest in transformation—of plants into fibers, two-dimensional materials into three-dimensional objects, and space into structure. Working solo and with his wife, Tomoe Matsuoka, he creates whimsically functional objects, structures, and forms grounded in the human body. As he explains: “I have this basic desire to create things that can [be] interacted with on the scale of the human body.” His references to the body range from overt to subtle, inviting to uncomfortable. Among his diverse output are a mobile hair salon, a concrete chair, and a nest-like pod offering respite from the world. Johnston is well known for his baskets made from stacked coils of raw cotton rope, an ancient technique celebrated and modernized in his witty forms.

American, b. 1979, based in New York, New York