Douglas Henderson, ‘Fadensonnen’, 2009, Mazzoli

In another exploration of the vertical soundfield, Fadensonnen (Threadsuns) is a direct expression
of the Paul Celan poem of the same name. Blue - sky, orange - sun, concrete - wasteland; the symbology is direct, unambiguous; and when
colored with the light of the sound it develops a kind of sublimity. The sound composition is an
almost literal enactment of the poem. At the base, footsteps crunch along a barren landscape,
fluttering book pages and fluttering sheets rise to the ceiling, where the “lighttones” accumulate; the latter a combination of footsteps convolved with ringing housekeys, and tones produced by a
strange electronic brush, which I used to trace a photo of bare tree branches. (Douglas Henderson)

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