Dove Bradshaw, ‘Notation VII’, 2000, Sandra Gering Inc

About Dove Bradshaw

Since the 1960s, Dove Bradshaw’s body of work—which includes sculptures, paintings, and photographs—has been characterized by her use of chemically reactive materials to produce an alchemic method of mark-making. Interested in the concept of indeterminacy and the transformative powers of time, light, weather, and other environmental conditions, Bradshaw combines organic materials such as water, gold, sand, and crystals. In her “Contingency” series, the application of sulfur to silver leaf surfaces creates abstract compositions. Similar to Andy Warhol’s “Oxidation” paintings, liquid chemicals interact with Bradshaw’s substrates, causing areas of silver to morph into expressive gestures of black, gold, and green iridescence.

American, b. 1949, New York, New York, based in New York, New York