Dread Scott, ‘Overthrow Dictators’, 2017, Ronald Feldman Gallery

Image rights: photo Casey Dorobek

About Dread Scott

With a pseudonym that honors Dred Scott and dreadlocked Rastafarians, artist and activist Dread Scott makes “revolutionary art to propel history forward,” he says. “My work is part of helping [to] get to a different era.” What is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag? (1988) is his most famous (and infamous) work—a multimedia installation that invited viewers to record their reactions to a photomontage of the American flag being variously used and desecrated. In order to reach the ledger, however, it was necessary to step on a flag lying on the floor, prompting Chicago’s City Council to pass legislation barring desecration of the flag (a ban that would later be ruled unconstitutional.)

American, b. 1965, based in Brooklyn, New York

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