Du Zhenjun, ‘The Tower of Babel—Wind’, 2010, Pearl Lam Galleries

About Du Zhenjun

Du Zhenjun, who has a background in classical painting and sculpture, believes that digital media is the most relevant way of making art—“a way of working on the dimension of power inherent to a society of information and new technologies.” Du, considered one of the pioneering digital artists in China, is known for his interactive new-media installations and digitally manipulated photographs. Some of his images are sourced from mass-media outlets, news, and television. His works deal with tragedy and what Du considers the universal human condition. One of his best-known series, “Tower of Babel” (2010), is comprised of minutely detailed composite photographs featuring scenes of pollution, destruction, violence, and political unrest.

Chinese, b. 1961, Shanghai, China, based in Paris, France and Shanghai, China