Duan Jianyu 段建宇, ‘Youth in Our Village’, 2011, Sifang Art Museum

About Duan Jianyu 段建宇

Duan Jianyu’s paintings explore the tensions between urban and rural parts of the rapidly industrializing China, and the friction between art history and Asian popular culture, as well as themes of tourism, cultural identity, mass migration, and family. She strives to create paintings that are at once dynamic and conjure a sense of cheap tackiness—qualities that she associates with the feeling of living in modern China. Duan is known for her figurative style, unconventional juxtapositions of scenes and objects, and ironic sense of humor. “I love secretly describing the details of life, apparently rationally and politely, calming them with fakes, falsities, and untruths,” she says.

Chinese , b. 1970, based in Guangzhou, China