Dyala KHODARY, ‘Solid Finish’, 2014, Art On 56th

"In the clothing industry the term “Tailor-Made” is used when a piece of garment
is designed to perfectly t a particular customer. The term suggests personalization
with regard to shape and size, adaptation and generally comfort. On a dierent note,
in these paintings, I chose to depict random persons from several surroundings and
subjected them all to a directional projection of light energy radiating from a garage
inspection light dangling from a dierent piece of fabric in each painting. My main aim
throughout this collection is to illustrate the personal aspect of light, the same light emerging
from the same source, once obstructed by a solid body, in this case our diverse subjects with
their dierent characteristics (features, shapes, sizes etc). The light with its free ow tends
then to adjust by stretching and covering the element before it, following its structure,
dissolvingsome of its details, accentuating others and redening the original outline,quite
like a comfortable piece of garment fashioned to forms and measurements specically
required, in other terms Tailor-made."