Eamon Mac Mahon, ‘Burnt Valley, Alberta’, 2011, Circuit Gallery

About Eamon Mac Mahon

Eamon Mac Mahon’s childhood backyard in small-town Alberta, Canada, bordered on the forest. He spent the early years of his life playing among these trees; now, he has dedicated his career to photographing the wildernesses and communities that populate far northern North America. Mac Mahon’s body of work includes aerial shots of massive natural landscapes—a river winding through dense greenery, a hill coated with snow, dense fog, and leafless trees—as well as up-close images of interiors, such as a small airport or a dark wood-paneled living room with television aglow. “I’m drawn to that feeling you have, especially in an old-growth forest, that the world takes care of itself, that nature left alone has systems that keep each other in balance,” Mac Mahon says. He brings his faith in nature to his art practice.

Canadian, b. 1976, based in Toronto, ON, Canada