Eben Goff, ‘Batholith Etching, Monoprint #A-2’, 2010, Diane Rosenstein

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Diane Rosenstein, Los Angeles

About Eben Goff

Eben Goff explores material and mineral forms, natural processes, and Minimalist language in a multidisciplinary practice that integrates painting, sculpture, drawing, and assemblage. Concerned with materiality, Goff often employs juxtapositions of the natural and the manmade, such as engraved wax, metal, carved wood, concrete, and found detritus. He uses these mixed-media objects to create material events in which he confronts the traditions of landscape painting and sculpture—derived from the observation of nature—by subjecting them to a series of operations. In Twin (2013), he filled an aluminum sculpture with wax so that it acted as both an object with a variegated surface and as a container, evoking the erosive behavior of moving bodies of water.

American, b. 1977, Seattle, Washington, based in Los Angeles, California