Ed Atkins, ‘Ribbons (fuck my life)  ’, 2014, Serpentine Galleries

This image is a portrait of the central male figure in Ed Atkins’ multi-screen video installation Ribbons (2014) currently on display at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. The hyperreal skin of this computer-generated avatar is covered with doodles and drawings that appear and disappear throughout the duration of the videos. Atkins has added hand-drawn notes and annotations to each print in this edition, producing a series of unique prints.

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Signature: Signed, numbered, unframed Edition of 130, each with unique drawings, plus 10 APs

About Ed Atkins

In high-definition video work, Ed Atkins explores the material and corporeal qualities of the digital moving image, often integrating collaged, drawn, and written elements into his presentations, or referencing works of literature. His two-channel video work and sound installation Us Dead Talk Love (2012) features a conversation between two digitally rendered cadavers that address issues of representation, narcissism, intimacy, and love, among other topics. For his single-channel video Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths (2013), Atkins used a motion-capturing device and Faceshift animation software to depict a male figure who appears to reside at the bottom of an ocean; the character recites a poem by the American writer Gilbert Sorrentino. Atkins considers Hollis Frampton, a pioneer of digital art, to be a major influence on his work.

British, b. 1982, United Kingdom