Ed Stitt, ‘Beal's Farm Autumn’, 2008, Gallery NAGA

About Ed Stitt

Ed Stitt’s sparkling, photorealistic paintings aim to capture the timeless beauty in everyday subjects and scenes, particularly in and around his home city of Boston. In portraits, landscapes, architectural details, still lifes, and everything in between, Stitt seeks the “golden moment”—the particular combination of light, contrast, and juxtaposition that gives his subjects a timeless beauty. “I would consider my work successful if a viewer saw something they would never think twice about looking at in one of my paintings, yet this time they noticed it and think it looks lovely,” he says. “And if that person then left the place where they saw the painting and went about their business, and in the course of that business noticed something else that is mundane at one of those magical moments, when it is transformed from the ordinary into the beautiful, and they stopped and noticed how lovely it is … if they did this all because my painting reminded them to do this, then my work, and my painting, has been successful.”

American, based in Boston, Massachusetts