Edda Renouf, ‘Thames-IV, Open Terrain’, 2012, Annely Juda Fine Art


About Edda Renouf

In speaking about her work, Edda Renouf explains that she works to reveal the abstract structures and intangible qualities dormant in her materials: “Materials speak to me and unexpected things happen. It is from a silent conversation between materials and imagination, from intuitive listening that the paintings and drawings are born.” Common subjects of Renouf’s works include the grain or weave of the paper or canvas with which she is working. She enhances these patterns by adding various layers of acrylic, oil pastel, and chalk, sometimes also adding incisions or sanding the surfaces of her pieces. The works’ titles are based on the time and place of their creation.

American, b. 1943, Mexico City, Mexico, based in Paris, France

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