Eddie Martinez, ‘Freebird’, 2017, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Courtesy of Eddie Martinez and Timothy Taylor

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Sixteen-year-old Dylan from Israel is fighting lymphoma, a type of cancer. His illness has meant that he has spent many months in a hospital bed whilst receiving treatment – making him feel trapped.
When Dylan was asked what he would like his wish to be, he chose to go skydiving so that he could feel free after the long and difficult months spent in hospital.
Dylan loves adventure and being outdoors and it has always been his wish to go skydiving!
The weather on the day of his wish was beautiful and sunny, and his family and friends gathered to cheer him on from the ground.
Whilst being kitted up for the dive, Dylan’s instructor asked him what he was celebrating and Dylan replied with a huge smile “I beat cancer!”
The jump was an amazing experience for Dylan and he said he felt as free as a bird as he soared through the sky to the cheers of his supporters.
Worried that he wouldn’t have the strength to undertake the skydive, this accomplishment marked the end of his treatment and symbolises a new chapter in Dylan’s life.

This event is being run through Make-A-Wish Promotions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK to which it gifts any profit. The Art of Wishes is a joint event and the profits will be split equally between Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK (295672/SC 037479) and Make-A-Wish Foundation® Israel (580258820).

Image rights: © Eddie Martinez, courtesy of Timothy Taylor

About Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez’s artistic career arguably began during the house painting jobs of his youth, during which he preferred doodling to the task at hand. His mature style draws from classical traditions of still-life, portrait, and allegorical narrative painting, but filtered through coarse brushwork, bold contours, and semi-abstraction. The images and motifs that feature in his paintings often come from popular culture, and have included cartoon-like ducks, skulls, and clowns. In addition to using oil paint, Martinez also incorporates a mix of media in his paintings, especially spray paint and markers. Martinez has gained recognition for his manipulation of color, which he applies aggressively and in vividly contrasting combinations. One critic described Martinez’s work as being “about color and what it means.”

American, b. 1977, Groton, Connecticut, based in Brooklyn, New York

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