Eddie Peake, ‘A Sixteen Year Old Eddie Goes To A Museum...’, 2016, White Cube

Full title: A Sixteen Year Old Eddie Goes To A Museum, Which May Or May Not Have Been Tate Britain, On A School Trip And Has No Interest In The Bonnard Exhibition That Was The Reason For The Trip – Except For A Painting Of Bonnard’s Wife In The Bath, About Which Eddie Commented To His Friend (Who Incidentally Would Later Become A Famous Columnist) "She Looks Sexy,” To Which His Friend Responded "She Is In Her Eighties" – But Sees A Richard Hamilton Painting From The Permanent Collection And Decides It Is His Favourite Painting Ever

Image rights: © Eddie Peake. Photo © White Cube (George Darrell)

About Eddie Peake

Eddie Peake takes multi-disciplinary approaches in his ongoing exploration of the lapses in various modes of communication, and the ambiguities of sexuality and gender. Peake’s oeuvre has included video, photography, painting, sculpture, installation, and choreographed performances with sound. He is particularly interested in the translation, or transformation, of meaning between language and image, emotion, movement, and music. He sees human body, both his own and others’, as a potential sculptural object; one of Peake’s recurring personas is a faun. Peake is also known for his spray paintings on polished steel with psychedelic colors and slogans. He’s also made a series of Handschmeichier, or “pleasing to the hand”, sculptures.

British, b. 1981, London, United Kingdom