Edie Winograde, ‘Spiral Jetty’, 2017, Front Room Gallery

This photograph is from Edie Winograde's series, "Sight Seen" which depicts juxtapositions of the present and the past in the experience of iconic landscapes. Human nature, nature and history all collide or coincide in these places and moments. Many people recognize these sites even if they never go to them, because painters, photographers, writers and cinematographers have depicted these landscapes, used them as symbols in their work (of nature, of conquest, of the Sublime, of Manifest Destiny, etc.) and told their stories—in both historical fact and legendary fiction.

Signature: on reverse

This photograph will be featured in "Summer Sampler" at Front Room Gallery in June 2017, at the gallery's new location in Manhattan's Lower East Side, 48 Hester Street

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Summer Sampler, Front Room Gallery, New York