Edith Derdyk, ‘A mesa’, 2014, Central Galeria de Arte

About Edith Derdyk

Including drawings, children’s books, prints, murals, stamps, and artists’s books, Edith Derdyk’s discursive body of work arises from the elementary structure of the line. Derdyk began expanding her drawings into spatial endeavors in 1997, as in her thread drawings. For these works, she uses black cotton thread to suture together various architectural elements, including walls or ceilings. These works require tens of thousands of meters of fiber, which the artist installs by methodically pacing back and forth, stapling each thread until a haze of hatching emerges. In addition to her artistic practice, the artist is also the author of theoretical treatises on the relationship between mark-making and the acquisition of language.

Brazilian, b. 1955, São Paulo, Brazil, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil