Edith Konrad, ‘5326 (framed)’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

Swiss artist Edith Konrad has studied in numerous master classes with artists from Germany and Italy. She paints in a variety of techniques in Switzerland and Italy—particularly acrylic on canvas, collage and mixed media. Her artworks have been exhibited internationally, including many art fairs such as Montreux, Geneva, Salzburg, Rotterdam, Marbella, Porto Ceresio, Los Angeles, Toronto and Paris.

In 2007 her art was acquired by the State Museum Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She won the 2009 Palm Art Award, a Certificate of Excellence for outstanding artistic quality and originality of the work. In 2010 she exhibited at the Salon de la Culture at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Signature: Signed on front

Recent Exhibitions
2014 Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles
Kunstwarenhaus Zürich, Switzerland
Love Art Fair Toronto
Who’s Who Deutschland (Germany)
2013 Galleria Alter Ego, Ponte Tresa, Switzerland
Femmes 13 Schweizer Kunstraum, Lausanne, Switzerland
Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles
Kunstwarenhaus Zürich, Switzerland
Flussreif in Berikon, Switzerland
Ateliernacht im Freiamt, Switzerland
Kunst-Supermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
2012 Affordable Art Fair Los Angeles
Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles
Galerie Katapult, Basel, Switzerland
2011 Kunst-Supermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
Kunstwarenhaus Zurich, Switzerland
Zugermesse, Switzerland
2010 Kunstwarenhaus, Zürich, Switzerland
Ennenda, Switzerland
Zentrum Aettenbühl Sins CH
Louvre, Salon de la Culture, Paris, France
2009 International Art Fair, Europ Art Geneva, Switzerland
Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany
Kunst-Supermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
Porto Ceresio Italy
Galerie Tedden Düsseldorf, Germany
Galerie Katapult, Basel, Switzerland
Who‘s Who Deutschland (Germany)
2008 Chunschtspycher Bettmeralp, Switzerland
Bad Ditzenbach Germany
Porto Ceresio Italy
Forum Zugerland Migros Kulturprozent, Switzerland
Kunst-Supermarkt Solothurn, Switzerland
2007 International Art Fair ROTTERDAM, Holland
Kulturachse Horw: art five, Switzerland
Acquisition by STATE MUSEUM HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada
Art Fair Zug Design, Switzerland
Vita Solothurn Gallery, Switzerland
2006 International Art Fair EUROP`Art Genève
International Art Fair ART SALZBURG, Austria
International Art Fair ART MARBELLA, Spain
Müllerhaus Lenzburg group exhibition CH
2005 International Art Fair ART GALLERY Montreux, Switzerland
2005 Porto Ceresio Italy
Kulturschür Windisch, Switzerland
2004 Bahnhofgalerie, Sins, Switzerland
2003 Keller Galerie, Zürich, Switzerland
2002 Bahnhofgalerie, Sins, Switzerland
2001 Jugendseelsorge, Zürich, Switzerland
2000 Zentrum Aettenbühl, Sins, Switzerland

About Edith Konrad

Blurring the distinction between figure and ground, Edith Konrad’s spectral forms—human in shape—inhabit dark and muted abstract environments punctuated by vivid bursts of color. In combinations of acrylic on canvas, mixed media, and collage, she studies line, color, texture, and the qualities of acrylic itself. In some works traditional mark-marking and Color Field painting techniques are evident, while in others Konrad references the visceral immediacy of cave painting and painting on stone. Her scenes are frequently so osbcured by the successive layers of paint that they approach the condition of pure color, light, and shade.