Edoardo Montaina, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight - A visionary balance of shapes and colors’, 2012, Wallector
Edoardo Montaina, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight - A visionary balance of shapes and colors’, 2012, Wallector

Original Limited Edition Photograph.

This photograph belongs to the series "The Art of Two Contemporary Masters: Edoardo Montaina interprets Roberto Capucci", a limited edition of 25 photos exhibited at the Parkview Green of Beijing in 2015.
Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Glossy, 260gr.
The photo is signed, dated and numbered.

An exceptional partnership, an artistic affinity, a subtle and yet marvellous dialogue between two great exponents of Italian Contemporary Art.
With the creative ingenuity of his photography Edoardo Montaina interprets the works of Roberto Capucci: hidden symmetries, plays of shadows and delicate metamorphosis silently speak to the viewer and take him into unexplored depths of his imagination. An oniric vision transcending the reality of things towards the sublime: each image creates a visual world where abstract shapes summon new emotional shades inside the viewer.
In this serie philosophical contemplation goes hand in hand with the beauty of aesthetic celebration.
Edoardo Montaina is one of Italy's foremost photographers. Author of some of the most important works of art and architecture in Italy Montaina's creative vision is also beautifully expressed in high profile industrial and corporate photography commissioned by global companies, operating in sectors such as biotech, aerospace, utilities and yatching.
His trademark style: the ability to focus on a single detail and project it into a different time and place, makes it possible to re create an original and unique vision of reality, modelled on an inspired equilibrium of shape and colour.

Signature: Signed by the artist.

About Edoardo Montaina

Italian, b. 1954, La Spezia, SP, Italy, based in Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy