Eduardo Berliner, ‘Avô [Grandfather]’, 2015, Casa Triângulo

About Eduardo Berliner

Though he has produced drawings, sculptures, and installations, Eduardo Berliner combines and distills these practices within his painting, the medium on which he focuses. Blurring reality and imagination, Berliner’s paintings are born out of his imagination, memory, and keen observation of his surroundings. He creates and re-creates scenes that strike him—a man holding a medical dummy while walking down the street at night, a wheelchair behind a potted plant—building models in his studio, which he imaginatively augments and alters, and then transforms into his surrealistic, suggestive paintings. For Berliner, painting is a means to connect and engage, as he describes: “In my case, painting helps me establish a primordial relationship with the physicality of the world.”

Brazilian, b. 1978, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, based in Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil