Eduardo DaRosa, ‘Bound by Freedom ’, 2016, Oliver Cole Gallery

Eduardo daRosa
Bound by Freedom
54 x 39 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Framed, ready to hang

Eduardo daRosa was born in Alentejo, Portugal. He showed a prominent artistic spirit since the early years and had his first book of poetry published at the age of 18. The artist left for Paris in the '70s and roamed through central Europe mostly living in Germany. He lived in Canada and traveled extensively through North America and Mexico. For the past 30 years, Eduardo lives and works in Miami.
The mural made a significant imprint on his imagery. First encountered during a trip to Mexico, this form of art inspired and influenced him not only with its content but also with its empathetic experience that it projects on a viewer. Eduardo continuously watched Siquieros, "Polyform Mural" being executed, and had the privilege to witness the painting of a work of the magnitude of the "March of Humanity on Earth and Towards the Cosmos". The mural had a great impact on his artistic career and still influences his art.

About Eduardo DaRosa