Edwin Schlossberg, ‘Composing Direction’, Ronald Feldman Gallery

About Edwin Schlossberg

Inspired by influential mid-century artists and designers, Edwin Schlossberg creates visual art that sits at the nexus of fine art, concrete poetry, and design and is largely inspired by John Cage’s aesthetic teachings on themes such as silence. Schlossberg’s art and design practice, which blends strong graphic design with texts that are poetic, essayistic, and philosophical, serendipitously emerged during his graduate studies at Columbia University. Interactions with John Cage at Columbia in addition to Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg downtown prompted him to begin writing concrete poetry, while his tenure working with R. Buckminster Fuller inspired his design career. Outside of his art practice, Schlossberg founded the firm ESI Design, where he worked as an exhibition designer for several museums and pioneered the interactive model that proliferates across many science and children’s museums.

American, b. 1945