Eero Aarnio, ‘Kantarelli table’, 1965, Wright
Eero Aarnio, ‘Kantarelli table’, 1965, Wright

Publisher: Asko Oy Finnternational

Design 1935-1965: What Modern Was, Eidelberg, ppg. 316, 318

About Eero Aarnio

Pioneering the use of fiberglass and plastics in furniture design, Eero Aarnio created some of the most iconic items of furniture of the 1960s, and of Scandinavian design. Aarnio radically broke from convention with his bulbous “egg” and “ball” chairs, with brightly colored seats receded into spherical forms. His work stands as a synthesis of Scandinavian design’s clean lines, the coolness of Mod culture, the broad appeal of pop culture, and the utilitarianism of then-new industrial materials—in effect distilling the much of 1960s culture into objects.

Finnish , b. 1932