Efraim Mashiah, ‘3-D Paintings "Let's Paint"’, 2016, Elena Bulatova Fine Art

"Let's Remodel"

New Collection of 3D paintings from Efraim Mashiah “Let’s Remodel”. These spectacularencapsulation of pop-Art and post-Pollock sensibility fit in perfectly with the hotels new and updated contemporary focus. The world, design, and art have changed in the technological era, and Efraim Mashiah has changed with it. He loves a clean, classic sensibility infused with fun, eye-catching pop flair. These pieces challenge the boundary ofpainting and sculpture, performance and monument, and simplicity and deep complexity in art. While they are available in any color accessible to the stretches of your imagination—and they are often shown in pairs, sets of six, or even more—they are electrically successful in each individual expression of creative brilliance. Add one to collection, and suddenly you feel like you have captured a museum-like history of art with a single piece.

About Efraim Mashiah

b. 1979, based in California, United States