Eglé Budvytytė, ‘The Joy is not Mentioned’, 2007, Gallery On The Move

The Joy is not Mentioned is composed of dance events driven by radio broadcasts at night and the launch of an open source radio studio at CAC. The project slices a piece of history (Hip Hop culture) from 80’s New York and pastes it in Vilnius, where it never took place. The drifting dance floors are guided by a special radio programme, broadcast through car radios and a boombox.


…Good evening dear radio listeners. Departure times and destinations in the railway stations are falsified and mixed up. The gates in the metro stations are left open at night and people are gathering there to party. The street lamps are provided with switches, so everybody can regulate the light as they wish. It is getting dark. Dance gangs are multiplying all over Vilnius tonight. There was just spotted a dance gang in west side of the town and expanding one in the center…

Radio was used as a tool to project an imaginary land­scape onto the physical surface of the city. At times the piece would spread almost in the mode of a virus, a network traveling towards multiple directions simultaneously, as people would pass by in cars and would play the sound on their radios: broadcasting the instructions and the unexpected news in the air. The programme featured a blend of dance instructions (reminescent of Soviet gymnastics aired back in times), old school hip-hop, and special news indebted to the ideas of Situationists and Orson Welles.

The installation at CAC functioned as the open source radio studio, exhibition visitors could record their contributions that would later on be aired on radio.

Series: The Joy is not Mentioned 2007

Signature: Eglé Budvytytė in collaboration with Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė

Image rights: Eglé Budvytytė in collaboration with Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė

Radio installation, open source radio recording evening,
radio dance lessons in public space, 2007
In collaboration with Goda Budvytytė and Ieva Misevičiūtė.
Contemporary art Center, Vilnius.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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