Ei Arakawa, ‘Owls' Ear Trap’, 2013, Museum of Arts and Design
Ei Arakawa, ‘Owls' Ear Trap’, 2013, Museum of Arts and Design

"NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial"

Venue: Museum of Arts and Design, New York (2014)

About Ei Arakawa

Ei Arakawa’s performative works, which are often collaborative, investigate the vernacular of art production. “In my performance, I always want there to be some relation to other projects I’ve done, or to projects my friends have done that have influenced me,” he has said. “I’m interested in the network and influence that exists among us. Each thread contributes to a constellation, and that space described by the constellation is important to me.” His works have kinship with Gutai and Fluxus, though Arakawa serves more as a director than a performance artist, deflecting attention from himself. His open-ended performances often find their origins in historical references, but the ensuing narratives and events are ultimately concerned with physical and inter-relational experience.

Japanese, b. 1977, Fukushima, Japan, based in Brooklyn, New York

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