Eirik Johnson, ‘Barrow Cabins 10’, Summer 2010-Winter 2012, G. Gibson Gallery

Diptych, sizes listed are for each print

Series: Barrow Cabins

Signature: Signature by artist, verso

About Eirik Johnson

Eirik Johnson’s practice addresses the changes in the landscapes and wilderness of Northwest America, where he grew up. For one project, Johnson spent over three years in Oregon and North California, photographing the tenuous dependency between industries that harvest natural resources and the communities they support, as well as the environmental impact of this relationship. The images are both documentary in nature and deeply personal—what Johnson calls his “melancholy love letter of sorts, my own personal ramblings.” Johnson believes that in a way he is continuing the work of Carleton Watkins, Darius Kinsey, and Morris Graves, and admires poets who make the landscape a central character in their literature.

American, b. 1974, Seattle, Washington, based in Seattle, Washington