Ekaterina Ermilkina, ‘Modern City’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina Ermilkina, ‘Modern City’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

Ekaterina Ermilkina says of her art, "I am focused on art all my life. It makes me optimistic, full of energy and happy. I like to afford pleasure to the people who love art like me. I use oil paint on canvas. The vivid colors of Crimea where I grew up, beautiful marine of the Black Sea that inspired me to paint for the rest of my life. I believe that paintings can reflect our desires for beauty, poetry and perfection.

My latest paintings are inspired by scenic views of NYC where I created my new abstract series of cityscapes. I do my current works exploring new areas around the center of art life. I attempt to transfer my emotions and energy of a big and colorful city which is always busy and never sleeps. Familiarity with new interesting people is challenged by doing this work. My abstracts are symbolic, inviting the viewer to move into the city speculation.

Each project consists of multiple works in oil media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. My art tends to focus on the environment, the evolution of man and development of big cities.

Someone once called my art a “Scratch Style” and I really liked it. It's true, I use a palette knife to scratch colors and create texture silhouettes with it. I would describe my style now as a “Scratch” and “Vivid Textured”.

This artwork is painted continuously on all sides, is wired and ready to hang and enjoy.

Signature: Signed on Front

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