Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse
Ekaterina More, ‘Just a Little Dream’, 2010, Artspace Warehouse

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Ekaterina Moré´s work touches the emotional world of the viewer in a most pleasant fashion. Her sensitive grasp of the interaction between color and form is the basis for her impressive compositions.

Her central theme is the depiction of sensuality laced with erotic suspense. Eroticism in art lives from the concept of suggestion. It is the openness of a scene which stimulates the imagination of the viewer, an openness which leaves room for interpretation without confinement. The key word here is equivocation. The pictures are deciphered with the aid of experiences and desires arising from the viewer’s interpretations. Eroticism can be defined as floating on the fine line between possibility and reality. Ekaterina Moré creates an arc of suspense that comes alive in the depiction. The dynamics are chosen in such a way as to allow the artist’s romanticism to culminate into ever-greater climaxes.

The centerpieces of Ekaterina’s paintings are feminine forms which, sensuously but self assuredly identify themselves with their role. Along with single figures, we also find groups or pairs of women touching, caressing or casting each other promising glances. Expressive faces with large, bright almond eyes, much like those of the artist herself. The erotic depiction as it is expressed here has a very personal characteristic. Perhaps this authenticity is the deciding factor in its effect. Ekaterina’s paintings are in a sense a painted diary of sensual daydreams. Dreams which, deep down, many of us share.

Ekaterina’s nymph-like figures are a product of fantasy, symbolizing an ideal world and creating a positive diametric to reality, where truly important matters are often left unattended or become displaced by life’s daily struggle: self confident, attractive women who, just as the artist herself, are masters of their own destiny, women who really know what is good for them. The desire for fondness, tenderness, trust and security, as well as the excitement that one finds in lively, fulfilled eroticism, are some of the greatest human wants. However, Ekaterina has also gone beyond painting and the world of art to broaden her dreams. They can be seen on porcelain cups and plates by Rosenthal – an arrangement for special events. The elegant cocktail bar of the Maritim Hotel in Berlin also serves as a setting for the artist’s works.
If one visits Ekaterina Moré in her new studio in Neuss and observes her at work, one gets the impression that she has come very close to realizing her life’s dream in the last few years. Nevertheless, she is anything but demure and has worked hard for her success. She grew up in St. Petersburg, the Russian cultural metropolis. As a child she was exposed to and came to love some of the world’s most significant works of art which had found their way into the Hermitage. Early on, her talent was recognized and fostered by her parents, both artists themselves, as well as her teachers. Even as a young child, she spent much of her time drawing and painting. Since the 1990’s, she has been living in the Rhineland. - Dr. Helmut Orpel, March 2006

This artwork is wired and ready to hang. The sides of the artwork are painted, and it does not require framing. A certificate of authenticity and hanging hardware are included.

Selection of Exhibitions:
2009 City Loft Art
Miami Design District
Miami, USA
2009 Einzelausstellung in der
Galerie F.G. Conzen
Königsallee 21-23, Düsseldorf
2009 Lineart Fair, Gent/ Belgium
Represent by Art Hebda Gallery
Sparrenstraat 27, 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

Signature: This artwork is signed in the front upper left corner.

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