Elad Lassry, ‘Untitled (Panel, Blue, Purple)’, 2015, 303 Gallery

About Elad Lassry

Elad Lassry has built his career around pictures, exploring, in his own images, their construction, consumption, and narrative sway. He sees pictures as objects, crafted to convey specific messages. Describing his work, comprised of photographs, prints, found images, films, and installations, color-saturated and full of flattened images, Lassry states: “My work started in the traditional form of photography—they were photographs, prints, or framed found images. But I think all along I was introducing a picture and asking for the image to open up and be looked at as an object.” Seductive and strange, his portraits, still lifes, and appropriated advertisements are never what they seem. Full of improbabilities—impossible space, double exposures, subtle blurring—they disrupt seamless viewing, challenging our passive intake of images to question how we see, and how we are shaped by what we see.

Israeli, b. 1977