Elaine Galen, ‘Boulder Float’, 2000-2016, Elisa Contemporary

Internationally-recognized as a painter, sculptor, and educator, Elaine Galen has created an intimate dialogue with nature, using the painting process to explore its mystical, surreal and the spiritual aspects. Though her early work began in the style of Abstract Expressionism, she quickly developed her own distinctive style and evocative visual language.

Elaine’s landscapes are both perfectly abstract and wildly expressionistic. Her landscapes capture the emotional intensity and ever-changing moods of nature where light and color are in constant transition. Paint in her hands is fluid and swift, streaks of brilliant color alternating with open passages. Her work has been acclaimed by art critics and curators as “hauntingly beautiful” and “powerful” …”lbordering on the visionary and surreal” and a “mysticarealization of place”.

Elaine Galen's artwork was part of the 1962 Whitney Museum Biennial. Her artwork is in the permanent collections of the Neuberger Museum of Art; the James A. Michener Museum, Tampa Museum of Art; Vero Beach Museum; Mississippi Museum of Art; Brooklyn Museum; University Museum of Arizona Museum of Art; Musee Rigaud, France; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Wellsley College, Yale University, Smith College; Concordia College. It is also in private and corporate collections including AT&T, Pfizer and Continental Grain.

About Elaine Galen