Elena Bulatova, ‘Sweet Life "Hot Pink Lollipop"’, 2016, Elena Bulatova Fine Art
Elena Bulatova, ‘Sweet Life "Hot Pink Lollipop"’, 2016, Elena Bulatova Fine Art
Elena Bulatova, ‘Sweet Life "Hot Pink Lollipop"’, 2016, Elena Bulatova Fine Art

Elena Bulatova was born in Alexandrov, Russia, where she began painting and creating at a young age. As her sister recalls, Elena dreamed big from an early age and set out to earn a gold medal in third grade, an award for near perfection at school. As she grew older, her interests expanded to include public administration and economics. After graduating from Moscow State University with honors and the gold medal in 2006, she was the only Russian student to receive the prestigious Fox Fellowship in 2007 to attend Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Since arriving in Palm Springs a few years ago, Elena has split her time between painting and working in her own gallery, Elena Bulatova Fine Art, located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Elena blossomed as she focused on producing abstracts in a studio in the art district, and grew to also have her own space on the main strip, N. Palm Canyon, in Palm Springs, California, which now includes her innovative mixed-media sculptures and artists collected from around the world. Elena was nominated by CV Independent readers as the best Best Local Visual Artist in their inaugural Best of Coachella Valley 2014-2015 contest. She was also one of the first artists to sell pieces during the Art Marketing Mind's first art fair experience during "ArtSpot" at the Intrepid Gallery hosted by Red Dot Art Fair in December of 2012. Paintings by Elena Bulatova are also included in International Contemporary Masters Volume VII, presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. In December 2015, Elena decided to open a new gallery in Las Vegas, on Gallery Row, beside some of the art world’s giants (Richard MacDonald, Dale Chihuly, and Richard Lough Jr.). This new location has situated her in a truly global market, and in a sentence, we offer the best contemporary and mixed-media paintings and sculptures in the world.

Welcome to the world of Elena Bulatova, the pioneering Russian-born artist now dominating contemporary art in Palm Springs, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as showing work throughout the world in private and public collections based in Australia, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, many European countries and, of course, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, and Seattle.
Elena's signature lollipops have reshaped the expectations of contemporary art. Her "Sweet Life" series has grown from modestly sized pieces about 21" tall, to over 4' tall, and now even 15' tall. These pieces build on the legacy of Claes Oldenberg and Andy Warhol in their larger than life size, electric color, and pure defining-the-moment uniqueness of the contemporary human experience. Whether dripping over the edge of pedestal, or placed perfectly on your counter, these pieces are sure to start countless conversations, bring pure joy, and brighten any home or commercial space. A recent collector adds, “They’re lovely. I'm a big fan of the metallic blue and hot pink, personally!”

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Russian, b. 1983, Las Vegas, NV, United States, based in Las Vegas, NV, United States

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